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Message from Chairman


LSB Chairman

Land is one of the most fundamental resources for the development of our country.  Before investors can invest, before homes can be built, before infrastructure can be planned, and during its establishment all the way to end of life, surveyors play a very crucial role in providing the necessary spatial information.

The land surveyor’s board exists to ensure that the practice of surveying is conducted to high professional standards, by properly trained, qualified persons and with due respect to all users of the output of professional surveyors. It is important that the board ensures that all eligible professionals are properly registered and that they are the only ones allowed to practice surveying work in Kenya. It is also important that the board regulates the conduct of surveys in Kenya by foreigners, and in the context of the East African Community, to provide for the modalities of the free flow of professional services across the region.

The office of the director of surveys shall continue to accord all the support required to ensure that the Land Surveyor’s Board fulfills its mandate succesfuly