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How to apply for a License

The Survey Act details the requirements for one to be licensed to practise surveying in Kenya. Before you apply for the license, please ensure that you fulfill the criteria to be licensed as a surveyor in Kenya: The current Requirements of the Board for examination purposes are:

  1. A farm Survey of at least ten (10) hectares with a section having a curvilinear boundary of not less than one hundred (100) meters in length. Note that the curvilinear section may be part of a different survey.
  2. Cadastral Survey of at least thirty (30) plots either in one scheme or several schemes. (At least 1 scheme to contain 7 plots)
  3. Topographical Survey of a minimum of five (5) hectares of a medium density area and done in accordance to the Board’s guidelines on topographical surveys.
  4. Control Survey with at least four (4) new control points.  This may be achieved within the farm survey mentioned in (1) above.
  5. Duly completed declaration forms, A & B of the third schedule of the Survey Act.
  6. A pass in the Board’s Land Law Examination
  7. Full membership of Institution of Surveyors of Kenya, with a certificate of participation and up to date payment.
  8. A duly completed application form of the Land Surveyors Board
  9. Application letter to the Board.
  10. Application fees of Kshs. 10,000.00